011 – Christy Wittmer

Christy Wittmer is a sculptor currently living in Lawrence, KS in during a residency at the Lawrence Arts Center.  Her sculptures are made of layered wood, porcelain, and concrete in precarious but somehow graceful arrangements.  Christy joined me in my home recently to discuss her work, as well as her residency and history of collaborating.  Listen below!

accumulation, 2014

Accumulation, 2014

overlook, 2015

Overlook, 2015

Slapdash 2015 with Justin Hodges and Colin Klimesh

Slapdash, 2015 (with Justin Hodges and Colin Climesh)

veer, 2015

Veer, 2015

hyperobjects 2015 with Julia Sebastian Justin Hodges Colin Klimesh and Joe Hedges

Hyperobjects, 2015 (with Julia Sebastian, Justin Hodges, Colin Klimesh, and Joe Hedges)

in patterned spaces, 2015 with Julia Sebastian

In Patterned Spaces, 2015 (with Julia Sebastian)



Christy Wittmer

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