Press: New CityBeat article about Final Friday!

  • February 17, 2016
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I recently talked with Maria Seda-Reeder from CityBeat, a Cincinnati-based, arts-focused publication about the podcast.  Thank you so much Maria for your interest in the show and for making me sound so smart!  🙂

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Artist-Centered Conversations

Greg Swiger’s Final Friday podcast shifts focus of critical art discourse back to artists

Because we live in an art historical moment in which it seems just as normal to see art critics like Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz in Jay Z videos as it does to wonder whether or not Drake filmed his music video inside of a James Turrell light installation (spoiler alert: he didn’t), it is easy for us to literally see the ways in which art discourse and popular culture are intrinsically (sometimes incestuously) linked. Talking — writing, blogging or otherwise creating a critical conversation — with artists about their work involves a tricky pas de deux between getting at the proverbial thingness of their art (i.e. what is it all supposed to mean?) and knowing that any easy answers might suddenly make the magic disappear. Fine artist and podcast creator/host Greg Swiger began just such an endeavor in early August 2015 when he embarked on his Final Friday artist interviews with a simple online announcement: “For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to start a podcast in which I talk with artists,” he writes on his website. “I want a better, more connected art community. I want to learn about people who do what I do — what many of my friends do. I want to create a space for artists in the area to share experiences.” The idea of talking to artists about their work certainly isn’t new. (continue reading here)