006 – Lynda Draper


Lynda Draper is a ceramicist and educator from NSW, Australia.  In this discussion, we touch on her shift from achromatic to highly colorful art, her interdisciplinary project Glazed and Confused, and our mutual fascination with the power of ordinary objects.  Listen below!

**NOTE** The show I mention as upcoming on the episode, A Tribute to the Late Janet Mansfield, actually already happened.  Lynda will have work in the following upcoming show, however:

 Australian Ceramics Association Biennial Exhibition, OVERUNDERSIDEWAYSDOWN, to be held from 20 May to 26 June 2016 at Manly Art Gallery and Museum.  curated by Glenn Barkley


starman 2014

Starman, 2014 Lynda Draper

genie bottle lime and pink 2014

Genie Bottle (Lime and Pink), 2014, Lynda Draper

annete 2013

Annete, 2013 Lynda Draper

starman 2016

Starman, 2014, Lynda Draper



Lynda Draper

representation at Gallerysmith

representation at Galerie Marianne Brand 

Interview with Tom Polo for Stamm