001 – Mica Smith

The adventure begins!  My very first interview is with my friend and roommate, Mica Smith.  Mica and I talk about teaching and artmaking, studio space, musical influences, and more.  Listen below!


Max manning on the best of becoming 2015

On the Best of Becoming, Mica Smith 2015

mica smith _softness of when

Softness of When, 2015 Mica Smith

mica smith_in between eyelashes

In Between Eyelashes, 2015 Mica Smith

mica smith_untitled red oxide ribbon

Untitled (Red Oxide Ribbon), 2015 Mica Smith

honey bow mica smith 2015

Honey Bow, Mica Smith 2015


flesh tide 2010 mica smith

Flesh Tide, 2010 Mica Smith


oscill 2011 mica smith

Oscill, 2011 Mica Smith


sorrow swing mica smith 2012

Sorrow Swing, 2012 Mica Smith

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